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Hainan holds tourism campaign in Singapore after visa-free travel resumes


The Hainan provincial authorities organized a campaign called "A week of promoting Hainan culture and tourism" in Singapore in connection with the resumption of visa-free travel. This was reported by China News Service.


The Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan commented that the event was the "first post-pandemic large-scale event to promote international cooperation" in this area. The Singaporean public was able to experience the rich intangible cultural heritage of China's southernmost region.


Singaporeans learned more about cuisines, traditional scenic arts, culture and lifestyle of Hainan's ethnic minorities. Those who attended the event also got a better idea of the tourism and sports potential of the province.


According to the report, Singaporeans showed a keen interest in Hainan. Some of them expressed their willingness to visit the island to visit its beaches, enjoy the local climate and nature, get acquainted with the cuisine and the numerous attractions.


On March 15 Hainan resumed visa-free travel. The provincial administration noted that PRC consular offices in other countries have resumed issuing all types of visas.


On May 1, 2018, Hainan introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of 59 countries, including the Russian Federation. This policy of facilitation is being implemented to encourage reforms and increase openness in China's southernmost province. Russians can stay on the island without a visa for 30 days if they book a trip through a travel agency.