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China to restore provision of all types of visas to foreigners on March 15


The Chinese Foreign Ministry Department of Consular Affairs confirmed Tuesday that China plans to restore reviewing and provision of all types of visas for foreign citizens starting on March 15, the Department said on its WeChat page.

"Bodies located abroad that issue visas will resume reviewing and provision of all types of visas to foreign citizens heading to China," the statement says.

The Department also noted that visas that were issued before March 28, 2020, and have not yet expired will once again become valid. In addition, border visa centers will again issue visas at the border "if corresponding conditions are met."

The statement also noted that China will restore the visa-free policy for the Hainan Province and the policy of visa-free entry for cruise liner passengers, as well as visa-free entry to the Guangdong Province for organized groups of foreigners entering from Hong Kong and Macau, as well as for tourist groups from ASEAN states entering the city of Guilin.