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Hainan's city of Sanya will hold tropical fruit producer fair on March 21-22


Sanya city on the southern coast of Hainan Island will hold the 3rd Hainan Tropical Fruit Producers Fair on March 21-22. It was reported by the Sanya Daily newspaper.

According to the newspaper, a spring contract fair will be held on the sidelines of the main event, offering participants the opportunity to make arrangements for shipments of fresh tropical fruits. More than 6,000 square meters have been allotted for the demonstration of goods, the article noted.

It is expected that the fair will be attended by more than 200 companies from all over China, specializing in the purchase of food products. In addition, organizers have invited a number of foreign entrepreneurs and experts.

A conference on the cultivation of fruit, as well as issues related to its storage and marketing, will be held in the course of these events. One of the tasks is to stimulate sales of these products and to assist in the development of new popular brands.


Sanya's Department of Commerce commented that the fair will help establish new wholesale channels for Hainan's tropical products, particularly mangoes, pineapples and longans. All this is expected to stimulate the development of China's agricultural sector.