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Hainan's first digital therapeutic product for tumor treatment hits the market


The product allows patients to take tests and learn therapeutic exercises in a video format

HAIKOU /China/, Aug. 30. /TASS/. Hainan's first officially approved digital therapeutic product for treating tumors has entered the market and is already available to consumers. This was announced by the Provincial Health Commission.

According to the authorities, it is a development by the Hainan company Aikang Digital Medical Technology. The product allows patients to undergo tests and therapeutic exercises in a video format.

The Hainan administration is supporting the project at all its stages, it says. The authorities have taken measures to accelerate the introduction of necessary technologies and optimize insurance costs. The main task is to turn the province into an "innovative center of the digital therapy world."

The government plans to create an even better environment for R&D companies on the island to form a robust medical cluster in Hainan. The high-tech development zone in Haikou, the provincial capital, is actively involved in this process.

Digital therapy uses information technology to treat, manage and prevent disease. The specificity lies in the ability to process a wide range of different data, allowing timely changes in the course of treatment, making accurate forecasts of disease development and providing the necessary treatment for patients undergoing therapy.