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Hainan surpasses London and New York in popularity among Chinese tourists

The southern Chinese province of Hainan is one of the most popular travel destinations among Chinese residents, ahead of London and New York. This is stated in the company's report received by TASS, which was presented at the 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo.

The company noted that the world's biggest brands are wondering where Chinese tourists and consumers will rush to once the borders open. "From our perspective, we are seeing increasing signs that Chinese consumers view Hainan as a key destination," the document said.

A KPMG survey on where Chinese residents would like to travel once the borders open ranked Tokyo (45% of respondents) and Paris (37%) first and second in popularity, respectively, the report said. The third place is conditionally shared by three cities: Singapore (29%), Hainan (28%) and Hong Kong (28%).

"This shows a rather impressive development that Hainan has made in the past few years, as it is now considered on par with Hong Kong and Singapore, and ahead of London and New York in the eyes of Chinese travelers," the paper said.

As KPMG points out, brands present in China need to take customer preferences into account and reflect them in their development strategies. "With this evolution, brands need to explicitly integrate Hainan into their overall sales strategy across China," the report said.

About the expo

The 2nd China International Consumer Products Expo will be held from July 25 to 30 and will feature over 2,800 brands from more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Over 600 kinds of products will be unveiled during the expo. As expected, the exhibition will be visited by more than 40 thousand businessmen. France is the guest of honor at this year's event.

The opening ceremony marked the start of the Expo's business program. The exhibition itself started on Tuesday: from July 26 to 28 the exhibition will be open only for the business community and mass media, and on July 29-30 it will open its doors for the general public.