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Hainan's agricultural trade up 62% in January-November

 According to the article, the provincial authorities are actively promoting the development of international supply chains of agricultural goods for the international market. Fish and other aquatic products traditionally account for about 87% of Hainan's agricultural exports. One of Hainan's main trade items is tilapia, a fish that is high in low-calorie protein, vitamins and minerals.

The province also saw a 17.2% increase in shipments of animal products, especially chicken eggs, last year. According to a government instruction published by the Customs and the local Department of Agriculture, the Hainan administration intends to dynamically expand trade in other types of high-quality tropical agricultural products - fresh and industrially processed fruits, coffee and oil.

According to statistics, Hainan not only exports, but also actively buys agricultural products. Between 2018 and 2021, their imports increased 4.3 times. Between January and November, this figure increased 96.3% to 10.14 billion yuan ($1.45 billion).


Thus, the province's imports of agricultural products are already markedly higher than exports. Hainan mainly buys major crops - grains, root crops and beans, as well as vegetable oil, dried fruit, alcohol, meat and dairy products. Some of them are used for processing.

According to Hu Shenghong from the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, Hainan has many advantages for increasing the supply of a wide range of quality agricultural products to foreign markets. As the expert noted, for this purpose the province should form a comprehensive industry system, implement innovations and create well-known brands of agricultural products produced by advanced companies in good environmental and climatic conditions.