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Hainan launches the world's largest commercial floating wind farm


HAIKOU /China/, December 28. /TASS/. South China's Hainan province has launched the world's largest commercial floating wind power plant. That's according to the China News Service portal.

According to its information, the design capacity of the plant is 1,000 MW. It is located near the city of Wanning, 22 kilometers off the eastern coast of the island, where the depth of the water area reaches an average of 100 meters. The area where the turbines will be located is 160 square kilometers.

According to the plan, in the first stage, by the end of 2025, the facility will have 12 floating turbines with a combined capacity of 200 MW. By the beginning of 2028 this figure will be brought up to 800 MW.

The wind farm is being built by the China Energy Construction Corporation. According to Li Yuejun, deputy head of the company, this facility will produce over 4 billion kWh of clean electricity per year.


According to Chinese experts, in the medium and more distant future the total capacity of offshore wind power in Hainan could reach 50 thousand MW due to power plants in areas with a depth of 100 meters or more. In these water areas, as noted, wind speeds are usually 7.5-9 meters per second.