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China's Hainan to set up an international green car demo complex

HAIKOU, September 18. /TASS/. China's Hainan will establish an international demonstration complex for eco-friendly vehicles, announce the local government on Saturday. 
According to the website, an object with an area of ​​110 hectares will be located in Haikou (the administrative center of the region) and investments in its construction will exceed 4 billion yuan (about $ 620 million).
"A preliminary feasibility study was completed, a site was selected and a company was set up to tackle this project, and the preliminary planning stage was completed," said deputy head of the international commission of experts on environmentally friendly vehicles on Hainan Chen Zhixin. "It will be a cluster specializing in the popularization and implementation of machines running on alternative energy sources. <...> There are already several enterprises that have expressed their intention to settle there."
According to him, at the current stag, active implementation of this project is underway, assisted by the provincial authorities. "It will host a world-class racetrack and showcase for international car brands, China's first sustainable car mall, a development and testing center for intelligent, self-driving vehicles, a Ferrari [sports] private collection exhibition, a Formula 1 racing car museum." and the first Hainan Dream service station on the island's ring road," added Haikou Vice Mayor Liu Liu.
The official noted that the government, together with investors, will introduce innovations and help promote this large-scale complex among tourists. “I hope that through a joint effort, it will become an elite project, testifying to the rise of China and the dynamic development of Hainan's free trade port," he concluded.
The Hainan administration is pursuing a targeted policy to improve the environment. The authorities are successfully improving the quality of land, air and water resources, and increasing the area of ​​forests, which cover about two-thirds of the island. In the west of the province, in the area of ​​the small urban settlement of Haiwei, the construction of a nuclear power plant is expanding, which will significantly reduce the share of hydrocarbons in the energy balance. What is more, solar technologies are being actively introduced here. As far as car transport goes, the sales of vehicles running on traditional fuel will be completely stopped in the region by 2030.