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Hainan's agricultural companies plan to boost yields with solar panels

HAIKOU, September 1. /TASS/. Agricultural companies on Hainan are planning to increase the yields of a number of vegetable crops in the hottest time of year thanks to solar panels, reported by Hainan Broadcasting Group (HBG).
According to the media outlet, said technologies were tested in the Qiongshan district in the administrative center of the region — Haikou (northern part of the island). They are supposed to help increase the production of plants actively used in cooking, such as mustard and Chinese cabbage.
The participants of this innovative project note that due to panels which put a shadow on large surfaces, reduce moisture loss during evaporation and protect plants from direct sunlight, excess energy from the sun is partially converted into electricity. As a result, a balanced heat distribution is ensured.
These innovations are estimated to have a growing cycle of 32 to 40 days — half a month less than without solar panels. What is more, the yield increases by about 25-30% — up to 11.25-15 tonnes per hectare.
Every year from April to October the air temperature is high on Hainan, besides, there are often heavy rains and typhoons. Such weather conditions have a negative effect on agriculture. Due to the high evaporation rate at this time of year, the volume of growing vegetables is noticeably reduced. Solar panels are expected to solve this problem.