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China's Hainan issues first permits for testing of self-driving vehicles

HAIKOU, August 27. /TASS/. The Hainan authorities issued the first permits for test rides in self-driving cars along some of the island's routes, reported the Hainan Daily newspaper.
According to the article, for now, the owners of cars with automatic control can only use them in four cities: in the administrative center of Hainan, Haikou, in Sanya on the southern coast of the island, as well as in Wenchang and Qionghai (east of the province). The total length of highways available for unmanned vehicles amounts to about 130 km.
"Hainan's transportation system is relatively independent geographically, so the road infrastructure is fairly easy to upgrade," explained Wang Xuwen, head of Science, Industry and Information Department of Qionghai. According to the official, the strategic advantages of self-driving vehicles are obvious, moreover, these machines run on new eco-friendly energy sources.
Car testing is carried out by Hainan Tropical Automobile Test. According to the General Manager Ma Yingbin, the government sets a number of tough requirements for the quality of self-driving vehicles, which, in accordance with advanced standards, must be adapted to high atmospheric temperatures and high humidity. According to the rules, such cars can go to highways only after their mileage will have reached 10,000 km.
Hainan is actively developing promising eco-friendly modes of transport. According to statistics, the number of new vehicles running on alternative energy sources registered in the province in January-July exceeded 21,100. It is the first region in China to stop selling all vehicles running on gasoline and diesel by 2030.