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Great start to Hainan yacht charter market in 2021

The Hainan yacht charter market got off to a great start in 2021. According to the Department of Transport of Hainan Province, during the Spring Festival holiday, Hainan yachts were booked 5,460 times, and 38,882 people enjoyed yacht trips in the province. Compared with 2019, these numbers jumped by 47.97% and 14.18%, respectively.
In recent years, Hainan has vigorously promoted the development of the yacht industry. Aiming at building an International Tourism Consumer Center, Hainan is accelerating the opening of Hainan's yacht industry, fostering new consumer growth areas, improving the province’s service quality & internationalization, and striving to make Hainan an international yacht tourism destination.
To this end, Hainan has simplified yacht entry procedures, created a port management system of “fixed docking location & nearby integrated inspections”, and implemented rapid supervision measures to guarantee free yacht travel between Hainan, Hong Kong, and Macau.
In 2019, the Department of Transport of Hainan Province eased the controls on yacht tourism, established a legal environment for yacht industry development & tourism, provided investment guidance, and regularized the development of the yacht industry.