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Sales at Hainan duty free shops exceeded $ 232 million during the New Year celebrations

Sales at Hainan's duty free shops exceeded 1.5 billion yuan (about $ 232.5 million) during the week of national holidays from February 11 to 17 on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, announced the island's department of commerce.

As noted, during the New Year holidays, Hainan duty free shops held various promotions, events and competitions, provided discounts in order to attract customers. According to the Department of Commerce, the sales volume of the provincial chain of duty free following the "golden week" — as the Chinese call the holidays on the occasion of the New Year — exceeded the pre-pandemic data of 2019.

A pilot program for the development of a duty free network on Hainan was launched by the Chinese government in 2011. Currently, there are nine duty free shops on the island: four in the resort city of Sanya and four in the provincial capital, Haikou. Another store is located in the small town of Boao (eastern part of the island), where the Asian Economic Forum is held annually.


In 2020, Hainan's duty free stores sales exceeded 31.5 billion yuan ($ 4.8 billion).

Lunar New Year, or, as it is called in China, Chunjie (Spring Festival), was celebrated on the night of February 11-12, and will last until January 31, 2022. Its patron is the White Metal Ox.