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Hainan launches intangible cultural heritage art exhibition

On Dec. 27, the Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage Artisan Treasures of Greater China was launched in the Hainan Museum. 
The exhibit covers two sections: Intangible Cultural heritage Artisan Treasures and Handicraft Inheritance and Development.
The first section focuses on “Yanjing Bajue” (“Eight Yanjing Palace Handicrafts”): cloisonné, carved lacquerware, painted and inlaid lacquerware, Imperial Palace carpets, Beijing embroidery, filigree, and jade & ivory carving, as well as intangible cultural heritage projects including Jingdezhen porcelain and ceramics as well as representative handicrafts from Hainan.
The second section showcases the process of making Li brocade, Miao embroidery, double-sided embroidery, carved wood, carved jade & stone, carved coconuts, pottery, and agarwood shavings.