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Hainan's economic special zone launches 'instant' registration for a number o f projects

HAIKOU, October 24. /TASS/. Hainan's special economic development zone — a new district of Jiangdong in Haikou — is introducing a modernized system of "instant" registration of infrastructure projects and their approval by the authorities, reported the Hainan Daily newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the documentation process has now been simplified as much as possible thanks to smart technologies: within 24 hours from the moment of submitting an online application, the company receives an electronic certificate and can begin to implement the planned program as soon as possible. "At the moment, 15 projects have been approved in the Jiangdong region like that," the local administration said.

Among the approved applications are projects on energy saving and ecology, creating a lightning protection system for buildings, carrying out land work in road construction, improving the city's sewage system, as well as equipping underground premises that can be used to evacuate the population in case of war.

It is expected that the new way of processing documentation will help to boost the activities of construction and other companies, and will accelerate many projects to improve the image of Haikou. It is assumed that at the same time, the interaction between the various departments that are directly related to infrastructure projects and provide state control over them will improve.

In June 2018, the Hainan authorities announced the creation of a new district of Jiangdong near Meilan International Airport, with four settlements included in the eastern part of Haikou. This special area occupies over 298 square kilometers and plays an important role in the formation of Hainan's free trade port project. 


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