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Notice on Solicitation for Proposal for Hainan Island Coast Loop Road Logo Design


Hainan Island Coast Loop Road is an important infrastructure project for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port and International Tourism and Consumption Destination. Hainan Island Coast Loop Road Investment Development Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hainan Province Transport Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HTIH”), is responsible for the investment and construction. After completion of the project, it will become the world's first coast loop road.  In a bid to fully realize the “five roads” concept, i.e. "road to achieve five goals"- for ecological protection, scenery, tourism, transportation and happiness, and to better promote tourist roads around the island in Hainan, enhance its unique charm and rich content of “a most beautiful and modern road”, the HTIH is now open to the public for proposals for the logo design for Hainan Island Coast Loop Road. Related information is as follows:


I. Subject
Proposal for Hainan Island Coast Loop Road Logo Design


II. Scope

The solicitation is open to all domestic and foreign design companies, teams and individuals.


III. Deadline

It is now open and accepting entries until 23:59PM, December 31, 2020 (GMT+08:00). Submission time will be timestamp of mailing hard copies and time of sending the email for soft copies. Any proposal sent after the deadline will not be accepted.


IV. Requirements

(1) Showcasing the distinctive features of the Hainan Island Coast Loop Road. The Logo should fully demonstrate the “five roads” concept, i.e. "road to achieve five goals"- for ecological protection, scenery, tourism, transportation and happiness, should comply with the requirements of ecological civilization, improving people's livelihood and welfare, and developing the all-dimensional tourism facilities, and should have artistic expressions and symbolic meaning while fully demonstrate the exclusive scenic features of the road.


(2) Novel design in an elegant way. The logo should be in line with the main theme, creative, clear, solemn, elegant, highly recognizable, with strong artistic expression and visual appeal, and are universally acceptable by different cultural backgrounds, avoid patterns that are too cumbersome or too abstract.


(3) Easy to disseminate and publicize. The logo should present easy extensibility and inclusiveness, with obvious graphics, colors, fonts, etc., so that it may be fully applicable in various contexts, e.g. publicity, investment promotion, convention & exhibition, suitable for business cards, letters, promotional souvenirs, badges and any other production form of derivatives.


(4) Originality. The logo must be original and free from any infringement of third-party rights. Entries should not include any information related to the creator. In case of any infringement dispute, the creator shall be held accountable, and disqualified from the solicitation.


(5) Legitimacy. The logo should not include any content that go against laws and regulations, or any public order or fine custom.


V. Solicitation method

(1) Size Requirement. The applicant need to provide a soft copy (electronic version) of the proposal that includes design drafts, a document to demonstrate the creation ideology and concepts of the design, as well as the "Logo Design Proposal Application Form"(Download link: https://www.hainanjk.com/). As for specification, the file format of design drafts should be in jpg picture format (resolution: 300 pixels/inch or more, and file size should not exceed 10MB).


(2) Submission. Soft copies should be sent via e-mail: xuyj@hainanjk.com


(3) Other matters. There is no registration fee for solicitations of proposal, and an applicant can submit multiple design proposals.


VI. Selection and Review

(1) Shortlisting. At the beginning of January 2021, the HTIH will organize a jury to shortlist 20 entries.

(2) Review. By the end of January 2021, the public will be invited to vote 8 out of 20 entries via the official WeChat account “Hainan FTP” or major media outlets and online platforms. The jury will then review and name one Merit Award, two Excellence Awards, and five Finalist Awards.


(3) Disclosure. The list of winners will be disclosed by the HTIH to the public.


(4) Official announcement. The winning proposal will be announced in February 2021.


VII. Prize and Merit

The HTIH will award the winners with prizes and certificates of merit. Specifically, the Merit Award winner will be awarded with RMB 100,000 (tax incl.); each of the two Excellence Award winner will be awarded with RMB 30,000 (tax incl.); and each of the five Finalist Award winners will be awarded with RMB 10,000 (tax incl.).


The winners who apply in the name of a group shall be received by the first creator or the legal representative of the organization, and the distribution of the bonus shall be determined by the group itself.


VIII. Miscellaneous

(1) The copyright of all the winning proposals shall be owned by the HTIH, including but not limited to re-design, registration, display, publication and other forms of publicity of the proposals.


(2) The organizer does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage of proposals due to postal delay, postal loss or damage, wrong delivery, insufficient postage, theft or other reasons incurred by other than the organizer. Besides, since hard and soft copies accepted will not be returned, the applicants should save original copies by themselves.


(3) The HTIH reserves the right to final interpretation of the solicitation.


Hainan Province Transport Investment Holding Co., Ltd.


September 23, 2020


Contact: Mr. Wang +86 18679559090

                                                                                                                                                                      Ms. Xu +86 0898-68611119


Application Form Download:

Logo Design Proposal Application Form.docx


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