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Hainan intends to develop advanced transport system by 2025


HAIKOU, October 5. /TASS/. China's Hainan intends to create a modern complex of transport infrastructure on the island by 2025, stated a document published by the Chinese State Committee for Development and Reform. 

According to plans, Hainan will become an aviation hub supporting direct communication with all regions of China. New international routes will connect this tropical island with foreign countries in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. In five years the province will have five civil airports. The currently operating Meilan International Airports Haikou, Phoenix inSanya and Boao in Qionghai will play key parts.

As China develops the transport infrastructure, the length of the road network on Hainan amount to 40,000 km, while 1,400 km of those will be highways. The authorities will also develop the railway communication: it is expected that in five years the volume of passenger traffic on high-speed trains will reach at least 40 million people a year. Also, according to the plan of the Chinese government, by this time the number of sea berths with a cargo turnover of 10,000 tonnes on Hainan will reach 80.

According to the state committee, by 2035, Hainan is going to significantly increase the throughput of the region's transport system and the quality of services provided, improve the island's international communication with foreign countries, and carry out a comprehensive modernization of transport.

The authorities presented a plan for the free trade port’s development on June, 1. In accordance with the plan, the Hainan province will be turned into a special customs zone. The country’s government intends in general to wrap up the creation of the free trade port on the island by 2025: by this time the island should acquire a system to ensure free trade and investments. 

By 2035, the free trade port and its model will become more solid. By this time, Hainan intends to ensure the freedom of trade and investments, trans-border movement of capital, people and shipping.  

The number of tourists who visited the Island of Hainan in August 2020 exceeded 5.22 million, the tourist flow increased by 2% compared to the same period last year. Hainan's tourism revenues also grew by 6.5% year on year.